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Two years ago my sons mother disappeared after a custody order was signed by a Judge.
During those two heartbreaking years, I tried everything I could to find my four year old boy.(six now), Including several private investigators, local Police and various other means with no results.
Feeling desperate and hopeless,  I searched one more time for a motivated P.I. and found
JUDD INVESTIGATIONS.  I met with Kirsten on  1-9-18 . She gathered what little information I had and went to work that nite. She kept me informed on a daily basis of the process and advocated for me in dealing with the police and Courts.
In 44 days, on 2-22-18 my son was found and is now home, safe with me !
From the first meeting I had total confidence in JUDD INVESTIGATIONS.
  Thank you so much Kirsten! I am forever grateful ♡



It looks like you did a great job. I’ve read your report and I can tell you are well trained and experienced. It’s always a crap shoot retaining an unfamiliar investigator out of town. I am pleased to say it looks like we made an excellent choice in you. 

TMI Investigations

Slidell, LA

Our firm made the choice to hire Judd Investigations to track down and serve a litigant in a civil case. This person was consistently on the run and had no verifiable residence or employment. Within three days, Cullen Wasche had determined the whereabouts of this person and had him successfully served. Thank you to Cullen and Judd Investigations for a job well done. We look forward to working with you in the future. 

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