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Cheating Spouse or Partner


Catching a cheating spouse or “significant other” requires the skills of a private investigator. Cheaters and those involved in infidelity expend a great deal of energy keeping their affair hidden. To make things more difficult, the motto of any cheating spouse is “deny, deny, deny!”. Read some Common Questions people ask, or the 30 Signs of Infidelity checklist.

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Surveillance/Corporate Fraud

Surveillance is crucial in insurance fraud investigations and in confirming testimony in civil litigation. Surveillance is also a key component in domestic and divorce situations to find out if a spouse, husband or wife, fiance, etc. is engaged in cheating or infidelity. Surveillance is also useful in many business investigations, including employee dishonesty and unfair competition.

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Background Checks


Whether for business, legal, personal, or insurance purposes, background checks are an important investigative tool in numerous situations. Putting a person in the context of their personal history can help you verify information and base your decisions on facts rather than feelings.

Employee background checks give you the opportunity to evaluate both potential and current employees depending on your needs. You can also order a background check on a business partner.

Personal background checks uncover information about a person’s character and past. Often used in dating and prenuptial situations, a background investigation tells you if someone is being honest about their past or if they are lying about it. They are also used for domestic help screening such as nannies, housekeepers, and personal assistants.

For attorneys and legal or insurance purposes, a background investigation can give you the best information available to judge the opposition and assess their past, helping you win your case. Read more about each area we cover below.

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